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Eazy Care

Introducing our cutting-edge desktop application tailored for OPD-based clinics, attentively crafted by our expert software development company. The most transparent patient records may be easily maintained with this user-friendly program. Its intuitive interface ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can swiftly navigate through its functionalities.

Our application streamlines the entire process, starting from patient appointments to generating prescriptions, all within a few clicks. Developed using Dot Net language, this versatile application can run on various operating systems, requiring only the minimum software prerequisites such as Dot Net framework.

In addition to its user-friendly design and cross-platform compatibility, our software development company also provides top-notch software testing services. Our rigorous testing ensures that the application functions perfectly, meeting the highest quality standards.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our cost-effective solution, designed to enhance the workflow of OPD-based clinics while maintaining the highest accuracy and transparency in patient management.


Mill Bill

Introducing Mill Bill, the user-friendly Inventory Management ERP developed by our trusted software development company. Ideal for stores and production companies, Mill Bill allows seamless management of stock, billing, production, and expenses. With advanced features like data export to Excel and XML, along with robust user access management, our ERP ensures efficiency and security.

Our software testing services guarantee reliability, while the intuitive interface eliminates the need for extensive training. Plus, we've kept the costs low, making Mill Bill an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. Experience hassle-free inventory management with Mill Bill – where efficiency meets affordability, brought to you by a team dedicated to excellence.


HRMS(Human Resource Management System)

Introducing our HRMS Web App, designed for companies with 10+ employees. This online platform simplifies HR tasks, allowing easy tracking of employee time, performance, leave management, HR policies, and project files sharing. Our user-friendly interface ensures accessibility from anywhere, anytime. Soon, we'll add Recruitment and Events features. Developed by our expert software development company, the app undergoes rigorous software testing services, ensuring seamless performance. Experience efficient HR management with our reliable solution.